Panther M*lk: Vegan Cocktails (Inspired By Leche De Pantera)

Panther M*lk: vegan cocktails inspired by Leche De Pantera, and created by drinks industry professional and former Founder of Glasgow’s Sub Club, Paul Crawford.

Leche De Pantera is an incredibly delicious beverage, indeed. It’s a potent cocktail, with origins dating back to the hedonism and the indulgence of 1920’s Spain.

Deborah Meaden was SO impressed by Panther M*lk’s offering, that she offered to invest during Paul Crawford’s appearance on Dragons’ Den. However, during post-show discussions, the owners of Panther M*lk and Deborah Meaden mutually decided NOT to go forward with the investment deal. Regardless, the brand’s appearance on prime-time television has given Panther M*lk immense exposure.

There are several theories on the birth of Leche de Pantera.

According to the most accredited, Leche de Pantera came to light when General José Millán-Astray of the Spanish foreign legion commissioned one of the most well-known bartenders at the time (Perico Chicote of the Hotel Ritz in Madrid) to create a drink for his soldiers that was simple, cheap, and easy to prepare, store and carry around during missions.

Paul Crawford (who at the time, – owned Glasgow’s iconic Sub Club) discovered the drink in a little bar in the backstreets of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, during an action-packed weekend during Sónar, a popular electronic music festival. The bar Avesta (which has now sadly shut down) served the drink in three different flavours: white, pink and green, – all of which were finished off with a dusting of cinnamon.

Panther M*lk initially launched in Glasgow in 2014, as a secret pop up bar.

Demand was so high, that the bar became a permanent fixture across four and a half wild years, which established Glasgow as the second city of Panther M*lk, 2nd to Barcelona. Eventually, Paul and his team decided to invite the world to join the party, by making Panther M*lk available to everyone.

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Launched in 2020, Panther M*lk’s take on the drink is the first of its kind on the market: it’s made from a secret blend of premium spirits, and condensed oat milk, which showcases a distinctive, moreish oaty-flavour, with hints of spice and molasses, a creamy, rich mouthfeel, and a long, delicious finish.

The product is a bottled cocktail, made with plant-based ingredients, alongside beautiful spirits and liqueurs. Panther M*lk’s use of high-quality spirits and ingredients sees it occupy a unique place in the market. The drink also appeals to a huge subset of drinkers who choose to follow vegan diets, and it’s perfect for those who are lactose-intolerant.

The drink is extremely versatile, and it can be drunk straight, as a shot, shaken in a cocktail, or added to hot drinks. The original Panther M*lk flavour will be joined by a range of limited-edition flavours, such as mint, strawberry, coffee, and chocolate (to be released throughout the year).

“2022 has been a very exciting time for Panther M*lk and it’s continued development. As we head towards the summer, we hope to seek more investment to scale the our innovative business even further,” said Paul.

“We have been BLOWN AWAY with people’s response to the product, and how they have appreciated us moving away from dairy to oat milk. Taking this leap was one of the best decisions we have made, and we are proud to be a sustainable brand, working to reduce our carbon footprint,” he added.

Now, Panther M*lk’s range of cocktails are available at various stockists, including The Bevy Store, and more. Also, the brand won a Gold Award in The Spirits Business Awards in The Pre-Mixed and RTD Masters category 2021.

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