The Simone Thomas Story: From Tragedy, To A New Wellness Range

Simone Thomas is a nutritionist, coach, and practitioner, who launched her wellness range after tragedy occurred (following the closure of some of her clinics).

Simone is a vegan and alkaline nutritionist, a wellness coach, a bio-energetics practitioner, and a well-respected authority in the world of hair health and wellness.

Previously, Simone ran a variety of hair salons and wellness clinics that specialised in hair loss, skin conditions, and hairdressing. However in 2019, she was forced to close her London and Berkshire clinics, due to her youngest child becoming unwell. Also, the travelling, and the 5AM starts weren’t giving Simone the work-life balance she desired.

Simone wanted something different.

But it was the near death of her son, William (from a virus), followed by his father having a major seizure (which resulted in memory loss and a loss of speech) that inspired Simone to launch her new wellness range.

“I knew I had to do everything I could to get them both back to full health, but also for both of my boys to have their father back, and to give him the best possible life moving forward. I would read ten books a month – absorbing as much information as I could on gut health, brain tumours, trauma, stress, nutrition, and lifestyle. I studied hard, I qualified in nutrition, and then I went on to do further learning in BioEnergetics, Vegan and Alkaline Nutrition,” said Simone.

However, Simone is no stranger to the industry. In fact, her passion for health dates back to her younger years.

In her 20’s, Simone suffered with hair loss, AA, and TE, which inspired her to embark on what has gone on to become a lifelong purpose and career. “The recent events at the Oscars in America are a reminder to me of just how impactful hair loss and alopecia are, and being able to help people on their journey gives me a great deal of peace,” said Simone.

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“After my 30th birthday, I decided that I wanted to do something to help those who might not be feeling their best, and that is when Simone Thomas as a brand was born, with my first salon and clinic,” recalled Simone.

Following an official launch in 2019, now, Simone Thomas Wellness boasts five products:

  • The Everyday Wellness: a super-strength probiotic, that’s packed with six different types of probiotics to support friendly-bacteria, and improve gut health,
  • The Super Greens: a carefully-formulated Super Greens supplement, packed with Puresea® Organic Seaweed, Vitamins E and C, selenium, and other vitamins and minerals to support the immune system all year round, 
  • The SkinQuencher: a NatiCol sustainably-sourced marine collagen, packed with vitamin C to promote younger-looking, vibrant, glowing skin,
  • The Ginkgo Wellness Plan: this includes three products that are packed with the finest ingredients to support hair follicles, and to promote healthy hair regrowth for anyone experiencing hair loss,
  • The Biotin Brilliance supplement: it’s perfect for healthy, shiny, and strong hair, and it’s expertly formulated with the right amount of Biotin, Vitamin B, Iodine, minerals, and live cultures – to encourage healthy hair and radiant skin.

Prior to launching her successful brand, Simone worked for MCI WorldCom (which is now known as Verizon), however sadly, at the age of 27, she lost her mother to Motor neurone disease (MND), so she returned to Dorset for six months to spend time with her brother (with plans to return to the USA), but she never left.

Since launching, Simone Thomas Wellness has achieved astronomical success. This includes winning over twenty awards (including The Indy Best and Marie Claire) and 2000+ press features, with an imminent launch in America, followed by ambitions to launch in Dubai, soon.

Simone’s plan over the next two years, is to be in as many of the 14,000 pharmacies in the UK as possible.

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