Reswirl: A Circular, Zero Waste, Fully Recyclable Toothbrush

Reswirl is a revolutionary zero waste toothbrush, with a unique circular system that recycles old toothbrushes, and turns them into new ones, – ready for reuse.

Starting out in December 2018, Reswirl reduces plastic pollution and protects the wider environment.

The brand was formed by four retail experts: Conway Daw, Simon Porter, Salih Fikri, and Pepi Reeves. The team wanted to develop an environmentally friendly toothbrush that wasn’t bamboo, so they joined forces and created a convenient, affordable, high quality product – that looked and felt familiar, but with an underlying environmental push.

The ‘infinite’ brush is made from Bio-PBS, a biodegradable and industrially compostable material, blended with calcium carbonate (a naturally occurring mineral), – to make it stiffer and whiter, without affecting its biodegradability.

The Reswirl brush is remouldable, and it shuns traditional fossil fuel-based plastic (which 99% of the 3.5billion toothbrushes sold worldwide annually are currently made from).

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Customers can get the Reswirl experience through a subscription service, with new brushes sent out quarterly, and they’re encouraged to return their old toothbrushes in pre-paid, biodegradable packaging, – to be cleaned, pulverized, and recycled into new brushes. Alternatively, shoppers can try out the brushes with a one-off purchase.

The brushes have been designed for both comfort and eco-friendliness, with rounded bristle tips, and a head that is curved at the back (for comfort and kindness on gums), a cylindrical body (to allow for greater precision and the angling of the head with fingertip adjustment), a moulded surface pattern (for good grip), a hollow design (to reduce material use), and a toothbrush that lies with bristles facing up, ready for toothpaste. 

We provide environmentally friendly toothbrushes and a service for taking them back to re-make old into new, with zero waste. This helps to stem the flow of plastic to landfills and the sea, giving peace of mind that your toothbrushes are no longer part of that problem,” said Reswirl’s Founders.

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