Meet the Two Siblings Behind the Award-winning Oppo Brothers

Despite not securing investment on Dragon’s Den, Charlie and Harry Thuillier went on to raise £1.1m+ through Seedrs for their ice cream business, Oppo Brothers.

Charlie and Harry first conceived the idea for ‘ice cream that makes you feel good,’ in Brazil, in 2011. Since then, Oppo Brothers has gone on to become the ONLY low-calorie ice cream brand to win a Great Taste Award.

Now, Oppo Brothers is sold in 12 countries worldwide, and they’re stocked in Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths, Wholefoods, and more.

Charlie and Harry recalled how the inspiration behind their popular ice cream brand came to them (resulting in them both leaving their marketing careers behind):

“It all started in Brazil, when we decided to break a record for the longest distance travelled by kite power on land. The buggies we used had no brakes, and we had about two hours of kite experience between us. It was like learning to swim by crossing the channel. We had to drag our buggies over 30 miles through mangrove swamps, and subsequently, we ran out of food. This meant foraging for wild fruit and coconuts along the Brazilian coastline,” said the duo.

They tasted amazing, and they were nutritious too! That was the light-bulb moment. Why couldn’t ALL food be like that? What if you could indulge in sweet treats, WITHOUT having loads of sugar and nasty additives?” they added.

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On their return, Charlie immediately got to work in the kitchen, and he didn’t leave it for two years (except to sleep on Harry’s sofa), resulting in a new, healthy ice cream, made from fresh, meadow-grazed cow’s milk, stevia leaf, coconut oil, and a fraction of the calories and sugar found in regular ice cream(s).

The mission was clear. The future was clear.

Oppo Brothers were about to create feel good indulgence, WITHOUT compromising on people’s health, or the planet. And they’ve succeeded: the brothers have stopped six billion calories from reaching people’s diets, since launching in 2014. Well done, lads.

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