Libby Lavender: Candles And Diffusers From The Cotswold’s.

Libby Lavender is an award-winning mother-and-daughter business (situated in the Cotswold’s) that specialises in artisan hand-poured candles and reed diffusers.

Founded in 2018, Libby Lavender sources all its products and ingredients locally.

Wendy (the mother) used to work as a business consultant, before deciding to partner up with her daughter, Libby (who inspired the name of the brand) to create their unique business. The inspiration behind their business came from a difficult time in their lives, and Libby Lavender became somewhat of an escape. It was something to engage in, that was both creative and separate to school, work, and the worries of everyday life.

We believe in the benefits of gentle sensory experiences, taking a moment to light a candle, meditate, or just breathe, and we thought that others probably felt the same. We wanted to create beautiful fragrances that would create a positive ‘space’ in people’s homes, helping them to relax, focus, and take some time for themselves,” explained Libby and Wendy.

More recently, Wendy and Libby have decided to focus more heavily on doing good for society, and giving back. As a result, they’ve launched a new range, where 5% of all sales are donated to charities that support hidden illnesses, including mental health and eating disorders. Companies who make significant purchases from the Libby Lavender corporate gift line, are able to allocate their sales proceeds to a charity fund of their choosing.

“Research has proven that since the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers, workers, and investors are increasingly expecting brands in the UK, and around the world, to make meaningful contributions to the greater good. We realised that we could help support larger businesses to easily give back to the community,” explained the duo.

Related Products

This new corporate gift range includes the popular Desk Space Wellbeing Set. The Desk Space Wellbeing Set was inspired by the COVID-19 global pandemic, which put self care and mental well-being to the forefront of national corporate conversations. The set includes a ‘pause’ mindfulness journal, a diffuser, and a votive customisable to a selection of scents (perfect for a self-care treat to valued employees or clients).

Then there’s the Ultimate Package, which was designed to be a thoughtful executive gift to celebrate company milestones, or simply to appreciate employees, clients, and business partners. Inclusive of a stunning three wick candle, a long-lasting deliciously scented diffuser, a large crunchy bunch of dried flowers, and a bottle of Woodchester Valley Rose Brut 2018, the Ultimate Package comes beautifully gift wrapped with optional add-ons.

Libby Lavender Cotswolds recently attended the Theo Paphitis SBS (Small Business Sunday) event in Birmingham, after winning the SBS accolade in 2021.

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