ProQ Launches A Flatdog Portable BBQ Grill, And A Multi-tool

ProQ Barbecues & Smokers has launched TWO new products: the Flatdog portable BBQ grill, + the Multi-tool. Both are set to game-change the outdoor cooking world.

The ProQ Flatdog is a portable charcoal grill that folds down as thin as a laptop, easily converting to a high-spec barbecue, with ample grilling space for up to 12 people. Transforming from flat to functional in one easy step, the Flatdog’s space-saving design was created to make carrying a barbecue effortless, through a highly efficient set-up.

Built to last, and an essential companion for outdoor adventures, this is a first for the portable outdoor cooking arena.

The Flatdog boasts the largest cooking surface of any fold flat portable barbecue, with the efficient airflow design of a premium cooking experience. Also, ProQ’s new Multi-tool combines four vital tools in a single piece of kit, which incorporates BBQ tongs, a spatula, a grill fork, and a bottle opener.

Our whole family shares a love of cooking, so when we go out, this means carting along some form of BBQ, plus an assortment of BBQ tools. There’s usually around 8 of us, and in the past, finding a BBQ that was functional, that wasn’t bulky and heavy – proved to be quite a challenge. Our latest additions, the Flatdog and Multi-Tool are the perfect solutions,“ said Ian McKend, the Founder of ProQ. 

Easy to carry to the beach or on a camping trip, the Flatdog has been created to flatpack for the back of a car, a caravan, or a camper-van. An environmentally-conscious and safe alternative to single-use BBQs, the Flatdog has been created as a positive move against destructive, ‘disposable’ barbecues.

“It’s hard not to notice when out and about, that quite a few families use disposable barbecues to cook on, usually followed by plumes of smoke that have a distinct chemical smell. It’s pleasing to see that some supermarkets are now de-listing this type of BBQ, due to concerns over their environmental impact,” said Ian. 

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ProQ was launched in 2008, and was born from a love for outdoor cooking, and in particular, the low and slow style of American BBQ. As a family run business, the ProQ team strives to educate and inspire others to share the same enjoyment of BBQ’s, outdoor cooking, and good food.

ProQ’s Founder, Ian McKend moved to the UK from Zimbabwe with his family in 2003.

As a former mechanic, Ian has always had a brain for engineering and design, along with his passion for outdoor cooking, which sparked his journey into the BBQ sector.

Now, ProQ has over 70 products across the ProQ domestic and professional range, which are sold in 20 countries, and are widely regarded in the industry as some of the most versatile kits available.

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