Check Out This Awesome New Fashion Brand: ONE Essentials

Launched in 2021 by Carrie Davies, ONE Essentials creates classic wardrobe pieces. They’re made with soft, recycled organic cottons, and biodegradable elastane.

ONE Essentials’ Founder Carrie Davies studied at the London College of Fashion under Professor Dilys Williams (the Founder and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion).

But following a career working for the likes of Barbour and Monsoon, she felt trapped and unable to make real, positive progress towards ethical fashion, so… she launched ONE Essentials.

“I wanted to start with the most hardworking items in our wardrobes: the ones that get the most wear and use, that we often think the least about. So I focused on the one piece that we all throw away: underwear. An item that’s truly disposable. ONE Essentials is here to change all of that,” said Carrie.

Carrie Davies (above)

ONE Essentials has since expanded their collection. Now, the range includes:

  • Unisex t-shirts,
  • Unisex everyday sweatshirts,
  • Ladies midrise briefs,
  • And men’s boxer briefs.

Biodegradable, natural, and non-toxic fabrics and materials are used throughout the collection. 

ONE Essentials’ t-shirts save 890L of water (compared to t-shirts made using 100% conventional cotton). The men’s boxers save 427L, and the women’s briefs save 243L. Also, ONE Essentials’ underwear has replaced convention elastane, with an innovative biodegradable alternative, instead.

As well as this, ONE Essentials has developed a circular business model, which directly addresses the environmental cost(s) of the fashion industry.

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As a result, ONE provides a full, transparent update on product impact throughout each stage of the customer journey.

Each of the pieces have a supply chain transparency score. You can read about where each piece came from, including a list of working hours, the average employee salary per month, last audit dates, and percentages of female managers, ALL on the ONE Essentials website (all LCA data is all verified via a third party, called Green Story).

Another feature is that ONE will collect and recycle your garments if you decide you are done with them. 

And in addition to this, ONE has a 1% Pledge, which comes directly from sales (not profit), and goes towards textile cleanup initiatives. The current partner is the OR Foundation, a USA and Ghana based not-for-profit, which works to minimise waste in the fashion industry, and to protect the vulnerable people working within it.

ONE Essentials are currently stocked in several online stockists that focus on sustainable brands, including Project Cece.

This year, ONE is part of the Small But Perfect programme, being awarded a grant to test their products in lab conditions, and they’ve just been awarded with a Stylus Changemaker award.

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