Improve Your Mental Health With The Mood Club’s ‘Mood Cards’

Launched in London in 2018 by Federica Trimarchi, The Mood Club is on a mission to improve people’s mental health – made possible by their popular ‘Mood Cards.’

Federica has always been passionate about mental health and well-being, so she decided to follow her lifelong dream of starting her own business that helps people to feel better, hence launching The Mood Club.

The Mood Club’s ‘Mood Cards’ are designed to support people to embrace a new, positive mindset. The cards contain activities that can be completed in a few minutes, yet, they’ll leave a long-lasting impact (as they help users to embed positive habits into a daily routine).

Federica Trimarchi (above)

The cards inspire people to focus on the brighter side of life, to look at the bigger picture, and ultimately, they support people to face life’s daily challenges with a new, positive mental attitude. The card range includes:

  • Mood Cards for me: encouraging self-care, personal development, mindfulness, self-confidence, and emotional awareness.
  • Mood Cards for me and you (for couples): encouraging partners to connect, grow and have fun together, and to share a mutual appreciation and complicity.

The cards are made sustainably in the UK. They’re printed on FSC-paper with a bio-lamination, which makes them compostable and 100% plastic-free.

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Federica Trimarchi was born in Milan, Italy. She has a philosophical background and a Master’s degree in Social Ethics. She worked in the social sector for six years: first in Milan, and then in London (where she supported mental health organisations to achieve systemic change).

I know how hard it is to stay positive, and to feel good whilst facing the challenges that life throws at us, so I wanted to create simple, fun, and practical tools to embrace small daily positive habits: little steps to feel better right away, and to adopt a more positive mindset in the long run,” said Federica.

To date, The Mood Club has sold over 10k Mood Cards worldwide. They’ve been featured in the Evening Standard, the Sun, and they’re a partner of Anxiety UK.

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