Ward Off Rodents Today With A Non-Toxic Mice AwayⓇ Repellent

Born in Australia, and launched in the UK in February 2022 by Sean Borg, Mice AwayⓇ is an organic, non-toxic, non-killing rodent repellent, made from mint chases.

Since launching just a few months ago, Mice AwayⓇ has already sold 1000+ units, with 80% of it’s sales coming from Australia, 15% from the US, and 5% from the UK, with orders continuing to triple, week-on-week.

Unlike expensive toxic killing baits (which are manufactured to lure disease-spreading rodents into your property), Mice AwayⓇ’s Indoor Outdoor Organic Repellent Unit – repels mice, and it safely prevents mice invasion (it does this by directly targeting a rodent’s sense of smell).

Mice AwayⓇ was born in Australia in the middle of a mouse plague, and the story of it’s creation begins with a family disaster. Creator, Sean Borg is an R&D specialist in the organic herbal foods, minerals, and disinfectant field, but like most people, he took the conventional approach when he was told that there had been rats reported on the properties in rural Queensland surrounding his.

After fitting my hands into protective gloves and attaching my clear face shield, I took out a hammer and a waist bag, and I removed every rodent box on my property in a not-so-calming way. Let’s just say that it was an extremely therapeutic moment,” said Sean.

Following this ‘therapeutic moment,’ Sean decided to invent a safer, and more affordable way to keep rodents away.In my spare time, I worked my R&D into the early hours of the morning each day over a two-year period, trialing and researching different active organic ingredients, elements, and compounds for repelling rodents,” added Sean.

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His Eureka moment finally arrived when another family disaster occurred. A spring mouse plague of 150+ rodents stormed through Sean’s property, and his entire herb and vegetable plantation was eaten, except for one herb. The mice had wiped out his tomatoes, his pineapples, and his pumpkins. They’d even gnawed through his timber steps, but they had not touched this oriental herb: a form of peppermint.

I decided to place food scraps of bread, fruit, and grain on the timber landing. Then, I collected piles of my unscathed oriental herbal leaves and spread around landing perimeter. That night, I watched and I waited. The mice never came,” Sean recalled. He then repeated this exercise over several months.

That herb (which is edible to humans, and is a naturally occurring plant) became the basis of Sean’s rat-repellent, and so he developed a world-first, scientifically tested, organic rodent repellent in a green box, and he named it Mice Away®. It works indoors and outdoors, and it’s safe for kids, animals and pets.

Find out more here: https://www.miceawayorganic.com