Selaura: Clinically-Proven Supplements For Hormonal Change.

Selaura is a supplements brand with clinically-proven ingredients, created by Morven Shaw and Debbie Wheeler in 2020, after their experience with perimenopause.

With 13 million women in the UK experiencing either perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, and with those symptoms being ‘debilitating’ for one-in-four of these women, Morven and Debbie have taken it upon themselves to address this key area of women’s health, through their brand, Selaura. 

Morven (a former intellectual property lawyer) recalled how the early signs of perimenopause affected her daily life: “I felt so tired all the time. I didn’t understand the changes I was experiencing, so I started to do my own research online about my symptoms, the lack of energy I experienced, and my lack of ability to concentrate,” she said.

Formulated by women for women, Selaura combines twelve premium and clinically-proven ingredients via a single powerful supplement, which has been designed to alleviate the many physical and emotional symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. After months of rigorous research and development in partnership with some of the leading nutraceutical companies, Selaura was born.

The twelve clinically proven ingredients (provided at optimal dosage) work in harmony with the body, to support the immune system, boost energy, stamina, and sexual vitality. They provide hormonal balance and better sleep, promote joint and muscle health, healthier hair, skin and nails, AND reduce stress, anxiety, bloating, and digestive issues. 

We’re thrilled to launch our incredible supplement, which is set to be a game changer for the third of the UK female population who are perimenopause or menopausal. Our aim with Selaura is simple: to help women to continue to live and love their lives, by redressing the symptoms that affect so many of us,” said Morven.

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Selaura’s Co-Founder, Debbie Wheeler is a holistic therapist who used her twenty plus years of professional experience to help guide the supplement formula.

Creating a premium supplement with maximum efficacy to support the ongoing health and well-being of women in their 40’s plus has been a huge achievement,” said Debbie.

And so far the feedback has been positive, with over 50% of customers subscribing for three months or more. Also, 5% of all profits are committed to various female charities.

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