Meet Jake and Jess Munday (The Brains Behind ‘Custom Neon’)

Founded in Australia in 2018 by Jake and Jess Munday, Custom Neon creates stunning, custom-made signs. They’re handmade, and they’re sold in over 50 countries.

It all started, because Jake and Jess Munday were struggling to find an affordable, safe, LED neon sign for their baby son’s room, so they decided to launch a new business doing just that.

So… they set up an Instagram page to gauge interest, and in no time at all, they were taking orders for custom-made signage. Before you know it, they were generating over $10K (AUS) in sales, turning their maternity leave side-hustle into something far greater.

This all happened when Jess was on maternity leave for a job that she absolutely loved (she was a Group Retail Recruitment Coordinator for Cotton On, a global clothing brand).

Like many businesses, the global pandemic tested Custom Neon’s resilience and resolve. Overnight, ALL weddings and events were cancelled. 30% of their business was wiped out, and they were forced to close the hire arm of their business. Whilst heavily pregnant with baby number two, Jess threw everything in to the business. They pivoted from weddings and events, to business and commercial signage, instead.

The gamble that paid off, and 2021 saw a 123% increase in profits. The challenges they faced and still face, are continual lock-downs and keeping their teams happy, healthy, and motivated through these challenging times.

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“We’re passionate about the customer journey, we’re passionate about the integrity of our products, and most importantly, we’re passionate about the satisfaction, fulfillment, and development of our team,” said Jess and Jake.

To date, Custom Neon has provided signage for the Hilton/Reum wedding, a walk through “like” sign for Facebook’s HQ, signage for Elon Musk, wedding signage for Patrick Mahomes, and more.

Jess Munday (above)

“Having Paris Hilton sliding into your DM’s is so surreal,” said Jess.

Four years on, and Custom Neon has almost 40 team members across 3 continents, and they’re on track to turnover $18 million this year.

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