Meet Megan Rossi: The Gut Health Doctor, That Set Up Bio&Me.

Bio&Me was set up by the gut health doctor, Dr Megan Rossi. It’s a fast-growing gut health brand, with a range that includes granolas, porridges, and yoghurts.

Founded by Dr Megan Rossi (The Gut Health Doctor) and Jon Walsh in 2019, Bio&Me’s range of gut-loving granolas, porridges, and yoghurts, is designed to make gut health easy and accessible.

Dr Megan Rossi is considered to be one of the most influential gut health specialists, internationally. Megan has been a practicing dietitian/nutritionist for well over a decade, boasting an award-winning PhD in gut health. She is currently investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre and pro-biotics, dietary fibres, plant-based diversity, the low-FODMAP diet, and food additives.

Bio&Me’s Seed & Nut Granola was the first ever FODMAP-friendly granola to hit supermarket shelves in the UK, following a March roll-out into Ocado. Developed in response to the growing consumer trend towards personalised nutrition solutions for specific health concerns, the launch is targeted at those 20% of British adults with more sensitive tummies, including those who suffer with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). 

FODMAP-friendly certified, the Bio&Me Seed & Nut Granola is not only lower in specific short chain carbs (which can irritate sensitive guts), but it’s packed full of diverse plant goodness, too, as well as being gluten-free, and… it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Made with sixteen plant-based ingredients (including quinoa seeds, walnuts, bananas, jumbo oats, and sunflower seeds), this high-in-fibre, no-added-sugar granola will appeal to increasing numbers of the population with food sensitivities. The ingredients have been carefully selected to reduce the specific short chain carbs that can aggravate sensitive tummies, using walnuts instead of almonds, and bananas instead of dates, for instance.

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I’ve created this novel granola in recognition of the fact that everyone’s gut is different. The evolution of personalised gut health products is a hugely exciting growth area for functional foods. As a dietitian and a scientist, it’s always been my mission to close the gap on great tasting food, that also truly delivers on its health claims. This is what Bio&Me is all about, and exactly what this launch does,” said Dr Megan Rossi.

“Bio&Me enjoyed 389% YOY growth in 2021, with listings secured in Sainsbury’s, Ocado, the Co-op and Waitrose. Consumers are engaging with their gut health now, more than ever before. We believe that the launch of this FODMAP-friendly, gluten-free granola will extend Bio&Me’s relevance to a whole host of new consumers who are hungry for compelling and delicious FODMAP-friendly products,” said Bio&Me’s other Co-Founder, Jon Walsh.

Megan has been recognized as a Business Insider ‘Top 100 Coolest People in Food & Drink,’ and she was named ‘Young Australian Achiever of the Year’ in the UK 2020.

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