Check Out Eliksir’s Antioxidant Complex Concentrated Serum.

Launched in 2021, Monika Rowczenio is the Chemical Engineering graduate behind Eliksir, the new skincare brand on the block that’s doing things differently.

After completing her Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Surrey, Monika decided to combine her expertise in formulation, with her lifelong beauty passion, to launch Eliksir.

Eliksir was inspired by Monika’s frustration(s) at the lack of transparency, the misleading marketing, and the unjustified gender-bias(es) so commonly seen in the beauty industry. As a result, Eliksir’s rejuvenating formula combats dull and dehydrated skin, with it’s concentrated serum, and it’s nutritive essential oil complex.

The serum delivers immediate protecting and nourishing properties. It combats oxidative stress, and it visibly restores radiance for dull, dry skin.

The formula feeds the epidermis with 24 plant extracts, enriched with an array of vital, skin-health boosting antioxidants. Also, it reduces the appearance of fatigued skin, by enhancing it’s natural defense against the dulling effects of daily aggressors, resulting in an energised, radiant appearance. And, Vitamin A stimulates cell turnover, promoting skin suppleness, and enhancing moisture. The result? The skin is left feeling and looking refreshed, dewy, and healthy.

Then there’s the nutritive essential oil complex: a fusion of thirteen plant oils that’s been concentrated with omega-rich botanical extracts, to replenish and strengthen the skin’s surface for a smooth, healthy glow. The complex alleviates dryness with hydration, repairing the skin barrier to improve moisture retention, and to sustain elasticity.

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Monika spent two years researching and developing her product formulas, whilst doing her Masters degree.Healthy skin not only makes you look good, but it makes you feel good, too. Having dealt with eczema, dry, and sensitive skin for my whole life, I could never find a product that would soothe my skin whilst also boosting its health, making it more radiant. I felt self-conscious, which in turn affected my confidence,” said Monika.

Through my research, I discovered that products on the market were lacking multi-functional properties. In other words, the formulas were one-dimensional, and they lacked the ability to deliver more than a singular result. Indeed, many brands over-promise, but they under-deliver, leaving consumers feeling dissatisfied and disappointed,” added Monika.

Monika is currently in talks with independent stores, salons, and clinics to have Eliksir’s products stocked across the UK.

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