Reins Clothing Launches Their ‘Ollie The Octopus’ Collection

Reins Clothing launches their ‘Ollie The Octopus’ range, which includes a t-shirt, skate jeans, a hip bag, and a tote (made from hemp and recycled materials).

The new collection launched this year, on April 1st, 2022.

Combining hemp and recycled materials, with the ‘charmingly lumpy and joyfully wonky characters’ of Lydia Hignett’s ‘Intangible Objects,’ Reins Clothing’s brand new ‘Ollie The Octopus’ collection aims to reinvent eco-friendly kids-wear.

The range includes a kids t-shirt with an Ollie screen printed on the front, an ‘Off White Recycled Adult T,’ some ‘Hemp Denim Skate Jeans,’ and an ‘Ollie The Octopus’ hip bag and tote.

As always, this is a limited stock release, in order to keep waste to an absolute minimum (environmentalism is a core value of Reins Clothing).

Also, the ’Ollie The Octopus’ range is accompanied by a collection of free, and easy-to-use skateboarding tutorials, to help beginners to find their feet, and build their confidence (the interactive elements are led by the owner of the Liverpool-based company, ‘Skate Skool’).

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This drop is very exciting to us, as it moves us towards creating a community that is inclusive and supportive, whilst championing a message of sustainability. Also, we’ve made it as one of the finalists in the Drapers sustainability awards, so we couldn’t be happier that our work is finally being recognised,” said Reins’ Founder, Rhi.

Rhi created Reins Clothing a week or so before lock-down in 2020. She wanted to create a brand that was fun and kind to the planet, that showed people that you don’t have to hurt the earth to make clothes. Rhi also wanted to showcase the amazing colours and creatures that live under the sea.

To date, Reins Clothing has planted 300+ trees in Madagascar, and as a brand, they support the CHOOSE LOVE fundraising campaign.

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