Raw Dog Food By Ethically Raised: Simple, Tasty, And Ethical

Ethically Raised is biologically-appropriate. Each ingredient is sourced transparently and ethically, ensuring that your dog eats ONLY the highest quality foods.

The brand came about in 2019, due to Dave Kemp’s personal and business interest(s) in canine welfare. At the helm of his successful doggie day care business in the home counties, feeding other people’s dogs became a part of everyday life. It was here and then, that David began to look beyond the ingredients, and at the industry as a whole.

Fast forward by seven years to now, and Ethically Raised has finally arrived: it’s raw dog food that’s made simpler, tastier, and ethically better.

Dave Kemp

The first nutritionally-balanced recipes to launch by Ethically Raised, were the Raw Grass-Fed Beef Dog Food, and the Venison Tartare, both of which were created in consultation with Junior Hudson, a leading Canine Integrative Wellness Nutritionist (to perfectly blend taste, with balanced goodness).

The British beef and venison is selected from 100% grass-fed animals, and it’s sourced from Pasture for Life, and A Greener World-certified farms. These farms are personally-vetted by Ethically Raised: they uphold animal welfare and practice regenerative agriculture, ensuring that their farming works in harmony with the natural world.

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“I wanted to create a solution for feeding raw that was safe and convenient, providing environmentally-conscious dog owners the opportunity to feed their dog nutritionally-balanced meals, with an ultra-low carbon paw print,” said Dave.

Each meal is designed to stack easily in even the smallest freezer spaces, with ultra-thin packaging for speedy defrosting (powered by a 48-hour delivery service).

Ethically Raised has seen a 300% increase in sales this last quarter, in comparison to the three months prior.

Find out more here: https://ethicallyraised.co.uk