The World’s First Oil-Based Breath Mint (Thanks To Mintier).

Launching on Kickstarter in September 2021, Mintier went live shortly after, with its unique, world-first, oil-based breath mint (WITHOUT any sugar or alcohol).

One bottle of Mintier contains 120 servings, made up of six clean ingredients that promotes oral health (with specific functional benefits).

When was the last time YOU had a mint or a gum that lasted more than a few minutes? One day in 2019, Mintier’s Co-Founder, Jessica looked at the ingredients on her pack of mints, and there it was. The culprit had been sugar the whole time (which feeds the oral bacteria in your mouth, causing bad breath, by the way). Jessica then brought on another Co-Founder, named Rhaelyn.

It turns out that the average mint is two-thirds sugar, ACCELERATING the breath’s stench. Therefore, there was only one way: LEAVE OUT the sugar, and the sugar alcohols (which is what Jessica and Rhaelyn did). The result? They invented the world’s first ever oil-based breath mint.

Mintier leaves your breath feeling fresh for up to one hour, and the 30ml bottle is a great little go-to after coffee, tasty meals, the office, and at-home.

“We’re proud to say that our product is completely vegan, keto-friendly, made in Canada, and women-owned. Coming from a background of health and wellness businesses, we’re excited to bring this invention to life, and we can’t wait for you to try it,” said Rhaelyn and Jessica.

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Prior to launching Mintiner, Jessica and Rhae were co-workers at a Toronto-based company, named Clearco. And in their fast-paced startup world, they worked long hours, and… they drank a lot of coffee. We won’t say the next part. You’ll figure it out.

In September 2021, they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which surpassed their goal of raising $5,000 in 24-hours. They eventually reached $7,000, showing a clear demand for the brand. Mintier completed the Venturepark Accelerator Program, spearheaded by Arlene Dickinson (the renowned South African Canadian businesswoman) where both Founders were able to lay the proper foundation for Mintier’s growth.

Now, Mintier can now be found in over 120+ stores across North America, such as in the Ontario-based Sobeys location, in Healthy Planet, in Nature’s Fare, and more.

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