Eternally Cherished: The Jewellery Brand With A Unique DNA.

Eternally Cherished: the jewellery brand with a unique DNA. Eternally Cherished transforms ashes, breast milk, pet hair (and more) into unforgettable memories.

Erin Parnell is an award-winning entrepreneur who launched Eternally Cherished in 2018, after giving birth to her daughter. The brand was inspired by her own breastfeeding journey. “I googled breast-milk keepsake, to see if anything came up, but I couldn’t afford it, as I was on maternity leave,” recalled Erin.

So she decided to create something herself. After a few failed attempts, she finally perfected a necklace for herself: a beautiful purple heart (the same heart that became the story behind her logo, along with the ‘E’ inside, signifying her daughter, Elara).

Eternally Cherished creates one-of-a-kind pieces, that are handmade and hand-finished to create a truly unique and personal items. The brand specialises in DNA pieces, using breast milk, baby hair, cremation ashes, and pet ashes. The result is a wide range of jewellery, from beads, to diamond rings, and more.

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Originally from Basingstoke, Erin has been working-full time as an Operations Manager, whilst running her business (which often means 4AM starts).

Erin has been recognised through various prestigious awards. She was nominated for FOUR Hampshire Women’s Business Awards, and she won the ‘Woman Who Achieves’ Awards in 2020, to name just a few.

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