McMiLLER Launches Preorders For It’s ‘Fire In The Hole’ Game

The brains behind the hugely popular ‘It’s Bananas’ game are launching a plastic-free pirate game called ‘Fire In The Hole‘ (which is available for pre-order).

Impressively, McMiLLER achieved their Kickstarter campaign goal in just 2.5 hours. Part card, and dexterity, Fire In The Hole’s game-play centres around a large pop-up ship that gets bombarded by felt cannonballs throughout. 

It’s simple enough to entertain kids aged 7+, and it’s silly enough for a drinking party, with the sneaky twists and turns for even the most strategic gamer.

Each component in Fire In The Hole is 100% plastic-free and biodegradable, making it one of the most sustainable games on the market. Also, it’s 100% carbon-neutral, meaning that all carbon emissions are offset through McMiLLER’s company-wide ClimatePartner certification.

“We set ourselves a mission to create the most sustainable game possible. We wanted to recreate that big centrepiece moment that you would traditionally get with a big plastic commercial game, so we eventually came into the world of pop-up books. We soon realised we that could use that idea to create a large, exciting structure,” said David.

“David and I were looking for something a little bit different than what we were seeing on the market. It needed to be 100% plastic-free, have an impressive centrepiece, bring the whole family together, and be just as much fun for groups of adults. In short, we wanted to design a classic. We like being ambitious,” added Julian.

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Fire In The Hole will be available in August 2022. McMILLER is an LGBT-owned business from the creative minds of two real-life partners, David McGranaghan and Julian Miller. The pair met on a blind date in 2009. At 21, David McGranaghan was working as an actor alongside some of the most respected names in UK theatre, but he still found himself on the lower end of financial success.

Looking to supplement his unpredictable income, David, in all of his youthful wisdom, decided to step into yet another highly competitive field: board game development. With limited financial resources, David had no option but to immerse himself in endless YouTube tutorials on graphic and web design, social media advertising, shipping and manufacturing, until his first board game, Game For Fame was born in 2010.

Aside from board games, David is also an actor and a comedy writer who played Nick Massi in Jersey Boys on London’s West End, and Lucentio in Taming Of The Shrew at The Royal Shakespeare Company. His partner Julian (who is originally from the Netherlands) moved to the UK to study acting at the Royal Academy of Music.

Since then, he’s starred in several TV shows, played Nicola in SPY opposite Melissa McCarthy, and he’s featured in Ford VS Ferrari opposite Matt Damon, and in Eurovision with Will Ferrell.

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