Check Out Monoo: The Handmade Luxury Beach Attire Sanctuary.

Designed and produced in London, Monoo‘s garments are built to highlight the free-spirited and enchanting nature of women, through timeless, gorgeous beachwear.

Monoo is an international love poem for beach attire, cover-ups, and kaftans.

Defined by unique and exotic shapes, Monoo’s clothing combines strong, curated prints, luxurious sustainable silk blended fabrics, and bespoke designs, – to provide the ultimate holiday staple.

Monoo was initially Founded in 2017 by two sisters, Aina and Sylwia. However, the brand relaunched this year. Aina and Sylwia grew up in a family of seamstresses, so their collections are a continuation and an expansion of their family’s legacy in their own vision. Coming from a long lineage of fashion, the two sisters utilised their innate understanding and passion for clothing and design, to translate their experience into a modern aesthetic.

I’m passionate about life, travelling, and discovering new countries and cultures. When looking for resort-wear ahead of my travels, I noticed that there were no sustainable and luxury brands with fun and free-spirited designs that reflected this aesthetic and philosophy, and that’s how Monoo was born,” said Monoo’s Founder, Sylwia Wojciechowska.

The range is framed by buttery silk and chiffon blend fabrics (nuanced by expert tailoring), to produce cover-ups that can easily transcend a holiday closet. Bright, captivating colours, bold shapes, and artistically-designed appliqués are just some of the ways that Monoo expresses it’s style, resulting in clothing that can go on top of a variety of outfits.

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Centralised on the ethos of size inclusion, Monoo’s designs are offered in a one-size-fits-all range, intended to flatter and accommodate all body types through oversized, and versatile pieces.

With their latest collection, Wild Horizon, Monoo has created a clothing portal that instantly transports you to a safari heaven, highlighted with subtle tones, and prints of majestic wildlife and gorgeous greenery.

To date, the brand has gained over 15k followers on social media, and they’ve been featured in various online publications.

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