Soul Fruit’s Dragon Fruit Snacks Launches Into Selfridges.

One of the latest brands on the snack scene, Soul Fruit, has secured a new deal to supply the high-end retailer, Selfridges, with it’s yummy dragon fruit snacks.

Soul Fruit was launched in 2021, by a former Marketing Manager and Yoga Instructor, named Natalie Wood.

With Soul Fruit, Natalie is aiming to excite consumers with her exciting new range of 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan, vitamin, and antioxidant-packed snacks.

Soul Fruit’s Dragon Fruit Snacks are perfect for everyone, and they come in two formats: Chipped and Soft Dried, for those who like to crunch, and for those who like to chew.

“We love fruit and we love snacking, but we felt as though there was a gap in the market for an exotic fruit-based range of snacks that not only tasted great, but that did great things for your body, too,” said Natalie.

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With our Dragon Fruit snacks, we’ve created products that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, that provide a range of body-boosting benefits, such as healthy Omega 3s and 6s, immune-boosting vitamins, proteins, fibres, and high levels of antioxidants in each pack,” added Natalie.

Two of Soul Fruit’s products launched into Selfridges last month (in April):

  • Soft Dried Dragon Fruit,
  • And Dragon Fruit Chips.

Both products target health-conscious consumers, who are keen to try a healthier snack.

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