Bruha: The East Anglian Beer Start-Up.

A brewery that launched just before the pandemic (Bruha) has increased their production, with the aim of becoming the number one beer brand in East Anglia.

Launched by Rob Breakwell and Marc Medland in 2020, Bruha brews 20,000 litres of beer a month in it’s Norfolk/Suffolk-based brewery, in the heart of farming country, where the best barley is grown.

Bruha makes clean, clear, and crisp beers that have one single aim: to appeal to those aspirational beer lovers that desire a modern, yet accessible premium beer, that they can enjoy every day.

There are some brilliant brands in East Anglia. We want to join them, and become a known name in the region for creating consistently good beer. We’ve got the products, the equipment, and the skill. Now, we just need to get out to the trade,” said Bruha’s Managing Director, Rob Breakwell.

With eye-catching branding, and a range of top-tasting beers, Bruha has already been featured in the East Anglian Daily Times. Now, the brand is 100% ready to supply East Anglia’s best pubs and shops.

There are three beers in the Bruha range, with seasonal beers launched throughout the year:

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  • Bruha Session Pale: a 3.9% session strength pale ale using the very best East Anglian malted barley, combined with Citra and Centennial hops.
  • Bruha Lager: a 4% pilsner-style lager using the very best East Anglian malted barley, combined with Amarillo and Cascade hops.
  • And Bruha IPA 5.6%: made using the very best East Anglian malted barley, combined with Simcoe and Chinook hops, to create a signature Indian pale ale.

Prior to launching Bruha, Rob Breakwell was the National Account Manager at Adnams. During this time, he looked after the on-trade route to market business. Marc Medland was a wine merchant, based in Aldeburgh.

For Marc, beer was a hobby that became a business.

He started to home brew, and as his beer got better, he decided to start his own brewing company, and later on, Rob came on board to give the brand more focus, and to find new routes to market, and opportunities.

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