Wilton: A Plant-Based Laundry Brand, With B-Corp Credentials

Founded in 2018, Wilton is a British B-Corp that makes premium, fragrance-led, plant-based laundry-care products. The brand has gained a listing in Sainsbury’s.

Wilton is on a mission to become a household name, and to make housework (and doing the laundry) easier.

The business came about, thanks to Sam Whigham and Mike Perry. The idea was conceived in Sam and Mike’s kitchen on Wilton Way, after Sam got fed up with the cheap and nasty scents found in most laundry products.

So, he started to add his own essential oil scents to scent-free laundry liquids.

It wasn’t long before people started to ask him: ‘what are you wearing?’ And that’s how Wilton was born. Already, their business has become 100% carbon neutral: a first for the UK cleaning market.

“I’m pretty obsessed with scent, so I began to think about how I could match my fondness for botanicals and creating a company for good, with my knowledge of building brilliant brands for more than eight years, when I worked in advertising, developing creative brands, advertising campaigns, and crafting imaginative copy,” said Sam.

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People noticed the fragrance, and when friends started to ask if they could try it, we knew we were on to something. But Wilton is a brand that is dedicated to more than just cleaning. We add premium fragrances more akin to fancy candles, with kind sustainable cleaning products, that truly elevate your home,” added Sam.

Wilton’s eco-friendly and plant-based cleaning products (laundry care, washing up liquids, plastic free sponges, and surface cleaners) are British-made, with plant-derived ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals. They’re packaged in responsible, premium, super-lightweight packaging, with premium botanical fragrances.

Now, Wilton is achieving an annual turnover of £2 million. They’re on a steep growth trajectory, and they’re aiming to be a £10+ million brand by 2024.

Find out more here: https://wiltonlondon.co.uk