Piccolo (The Baby Food Brand) Launches A Gluten Free Pasta.

Now, Piccolo (the baby food brand) can cater for food intolerances too, with their brand new gluten-free pasta for babies, available in Sainsburys and on Ocado.

1 in 100 people in the UK suffer with coeliac disease, so Piccolo has decided to create a brand new range of accessible products for parents, and for their little ones.

Piccolo’s brand new rice-based gluten-free pasta is the newest addition to their cooking range. It was created especially for babies and toddlers. It was designed to melt once cooked. It’s a great choice for parents who are exploring new textures in the early stages of their babies’ weaning journeys, and it’s suitable for ages six months+.

This new addition joins a whole host of other intolerance-friendly products across Piccolo’s cooking range, including dairy free sauces, and gluten free stock cubes. The range was created with the help of Alice Fotheringham, Piccolo’s Co-Founder, and infant nutritionist.

All of Piccolo’s products are packed full of nutritious, wholesome, and organic ingredients. And unlike other alternatives on the market, they contain no added salt, sugar, or palm oil.

With the rise in awareness surrounding food intolerances, it’s important that Piccolo offers parents an inclusive range of products. Mealtimes aren’t always smooth sailing, so having a balance of accessible and intolerance-friendly products gives parents everything they need to cook easy meals from scratch with confidence,” said Alice.

As a mum of two, I know how difficult it can be to spot the signs of intolerances early on! I’m aware of the wide range of diets different parents choose for their families. That’s why I wanted to add a gluten free pasta option to our existing cooking range, so that parents can have suitable options for their baby’s journey,” said Piccolo’s Founder, Cat Gazzoli.

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Launched in 2016, Piccolo focuses on nutritious food and family time spent together, by making healthy (and very tasty) organic baby meals, cooking products, and snacks that are packed full of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and spices, to make it easy for parents to give their families a nutritious start in life, and to promote a lifetime of healthy eating.  

The Piccolo range also boasts smooth purees that are suitable from four months, textured meals that are suitable from seven months, teething snacks, cooking sauces, stock cubes, and formula milk, all of which enable parents to relax, and to enjoy their time together with their families. 

As well as this, Piccolo is committed to giving 10% of their profits back to charities.

To date, Piccolo has donated a staggering 500,000+ baby meals to families in need over the last two years. Currently, they’re working with City Harvest, to help local families to provide their children with the best start in life.

Piccolo can be found in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, Coop, Boots, Morrisons, Ocado, Superdrug, Whole Foods Market, and Planet Organic, and in many other independent and online retailers, including their own online store and subscription service.

Find out more here: https://www.mylittlepiccolo.com