Meet The Two Yorkshire Mums Behind Wild + Wood Skincare ™️

Yorkshire mums Hollie (24) and Lorna (23) might catch your attention with their striking looks and tattoos, but it’s their success story that’s the most unique.

The recognisable pair (whose distinctive style has gained them nearly 80,000 social media followers) invested the final £1000 of their overdrafts to launch their own business, Wild + Wood Skincare ™️ in January 2020.

Wild + Wood Skincare ™️ provides luxury crystal and botanical infused face oils, organic face clays, deep healing natural body balms, and more.

With their babies strapped to their backs, Hollie Sharpin and Lorna Hirst began by working 16 hour days, hand-crafting bath milks from their home kitchen to sell on Facebook. And with such a small budget to work with, the pair would drive to customer’s houses to hand-deliver each purchase.

Fast forward a couple of years to now, and the brand has achieved it’s first million pound turnover, alongside an extremely dedicated online community.

We started Wild & Wood whilst sitting on Lorna’s living room floor when we were both stay-at-home mums. We both had two young children at the time, so we often had them strapped to our back in the early days, whilst we created the products in the kitchen. Thinking about how it started and where we are now, I can’t quite believe how quickly the brand took off, and how far we’ve come since then,” said Hollie.

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The products are made with vegan, natural ingredients, that are designed to nourish all skin types. Each component is sustainably-sourced, from hand-blending the ingredients, to packaging and posting, and everything is hand crafted by the Founders, and their family team. 

After selling more 70,000 products, it’s safe to say that this brand has become a sensation. Stacey Solomon counts herself as a fan, by frequently shouting about the products’ healing qualities to her 4.4M Instagram followers. 

“When we first set out on our beauty adventure, one of the main things we wanted to maintain, was our respect for the environment, animals, people, and farms. Yes, we set out to leave our print on the beauty industry, but we want to ensure that we remain as respectful to the environment and the world as possible,” said Lorna.

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