Shhh… Menopause Wellness: For Peri Menopause,… And Beyond.

Marva Williams launched Shhh… Menopause Wellness, because she wanted to make products that would aid woman who are going through the Peri Menopause, and beyond.

However, Marva is no stranger to the skincare industry. She’s been developing skincare ranges for medical practitioners and physio-therapists since 2013.

Although Shhh… launched in 2021, Marva’s inspiration began in 2019. She was hospitalised twice, due to issues connected to the Peri Menopause. She was put on a cocktail of medication, includuing Tramadol, morphine, and more. “I could not function. I felt completely spaced out, and I could not think. I wanted to sleep all the time,” recalled Marva.

The first product that Marva developed for her brand, was the Sleep Sound H20 Sleep spray with Magnesium. The product helps with sleep, hot flushes, and RLS (aka ‘restless leg syndrome’).

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Since January 2022, Marva has taken part in various pop-ups with John Lewis, in Bluewater, Brentcross, and Reading, with an appearance in Milton Keynes expected to take place in June this year (2022).

Due to the success of these pop ups, women from all over have contacted Marva directly to discuss their menopausal issues. As a result, Marva decided to build an app, which launched at John Lewis Reading on Easter Monday. As well as this, Shhh… has also launched new supplements for mental clarity, skin, hair, and nails.

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