NAYA: The Award Winning, Eco Friendly, German Skincare Brand

NAYA: the German skincare brand, with an eco-friendly, award-winning product range, containing plant-based nutrients – proven to transform the skin from within.

NAYA formulates its range with the Green Boutique laboratory in Germany, with a ‘less is more’ philosophy. The range includes a potent concentration of plant-based nutrients, and bio-active ingredients.

The brand sustainably-sources its hero ingredient, Cacay Oil, directly from the Amazon rain forest in Columbia, and it works directly with the farmers involved in harvesting the oil, to protect and cultivate 30-50 hectares in the forest.

The product line is housed in glass bottles, and all materials used are fully recyclable. The label is made of up-cycled marble waste (which is biodegradable and water free), and each product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Also, NAYA has just launched ‘Tierra Radiante – Roots to Glow,’ where harvesters grow cacay and indigenous plants from the area, to replace those used within the product formulations. “Our approach to skincare goes beyond our products. We work closely with farmers and other partners across the globe, to establish good practices that will deliver  the purest ingredients to nourish your skin,” said NAYA’s Founder, Sarah Zimmer.

And, NAYA has teamed up with The Woodland Trust and Climate Partner as a further commitment towards giving back, and to reduce carbon emissions. As well as this, there’s also a refill service for several products, to minimise waste.

Cacay Oil includes a myriad of benefits for the skin. It’s naturally derived retinol helps to increase cell turnover and improve skin tone.

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Vitamin E protects the skin against free radicals and prevents premature ageing, and its essential fatty acids helps to balance sebum production. An independent clinical trial in 2018 showed that Cacay Oil (10%) improved skin surface hydration in 100% of participants, whilst proving its effectiveness in combating signs of ageing, with 95% of patients showing a reduction of wrinkles by up to 45% after 4 weeks of use.

NAYA’s range includes the Everyday Face Oil, the Everyday Glow Serum, the Everyday Protective Day Cream, and the Everyday Cleansing Oil. As part of their Elevate Collection, NAYA sells Cacay Oil + A, an Overnight Hydration Mask, and an Antioxidant Defence Booster.

NAYA’s Founder, Sarah Zimmer started her career at Estee Lauder and Clinique, where she held various roles, before moving into IT and product development.

During her time in IT, she trained as a Life Coach, and she became a nutritional health therapist. It was whilst studying at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, that she became fascinated by the power of plants. Sarah was fuelled by her frustration at the lack of transparency in the beauty industry, giving her the motivation and inspiration to launch NAYA.

Since launching in 2019, NAYA has been featured in various online publications, including the Metro.

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