Sexy Sweats: Athleisure For Unapologetically Confident Women

Sexy Sweats: athleisure for unapologetically sexy and confident women, with vibrant colours, quality materials, and intricate stitching with slimming illusions.

Designed by Melissa Dufour, Sexy Sweats is attractive and daring in design, encouraging women to be confident and bold: “Sexy Sweats is a brand that represents me and millions of women just like me. Results aren’t free, and neither are these curves,” said Melissa Dufour, who makes fitness an integral part of her lifestyle.

With support from Sexy Sweat’s form-fitting pieces, women can see themselves as confident and comfortable in their own skin. The pieces encourage women to shamelessly flaunt the curvy areas of their body, instead of hiding them. Whilst athleisure for women is becoming the new crave by a-listers across the country, the market was lacking a brand that embraces woman’s sexy and encourages her to flaunt it. Well. That was until now. Meet Sexy Sweats.

The first official collection, “She Is,” was hand-sketched by Dufour to embody her unique creative vision for bodaciously curvy women. Made from the finest fabrics, and including removable bra pads, adjustable straps, dry fits, and compression to accentuate the body, the collection dares women to boldly flaunt the curves they sweat so hard for.

Fitness has always been a passion of Dufour’s, but after being diagnosed with severe arthritis at the age of 25, the Sexy Sweats Founder became determined to master her disease. The brand officially launched in August 2018.

Prior to this, Melissa used to work part-time for Mac Cosmetics as a makeup artist during her college years, and she continued to work there for ten+ years, even after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Health Management.

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Perhaps even more impressive though, is that Melissa started her company with ZERO knowledge of the clothing industry, or entrepreneurship.

It was a childhood friend, and her godmother/aunt that filled the mentor role, leading her onto the right path. And it wasn’t long, until Melissa began to meet the right people at networking events, and in no time at all, she found a Development & Designing Consultant, who helps new designers to start from scratch.

After months of pitching to angel investors, Melissa finally received an offer, but she kindly declined. Nevertheless, she’s continued to invest her time and funds into her dream.

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