Thin Hair Thick: The Non-Damaging Hair Extension Brand.

Thin Hair Thick and it’s original hair extension product was born in 2017, following it’s founder Tiffany Young’s experience with alopecia, after her pregnancy.

When Tiffany gave birth to triplets, she lost the majority of her hair: she was diagnosed with alopecia. This inspired her to shop around for a product that would help her hair to appear fuller, WITHOUT damaging it. HOWEVER, she couldn’t find anything, so she developed her own solution, instead.

Thin Hair Thick’s MVP (minimum viable product) launched accidentally, when a well-known YouTuber featured the hairpiece during an acrobatic gym class. The YouTuber was surprised to see how comfortable and sturdy the product was. As a result, Tiffany received her first frenzy of sales, and she knew immediately that she was onto something.

NEXT UP: Tiffany earned a Masters of Business, in order to understand HOW she could strategically bring the idea to market, and… she studied to become a certified trichologist, too.

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I made lemons into lemonade by embracing my lackluster locks, and I created an innovative, non-damaging hair extension that helps people with thinning hair. Thin Hair Thick is a brand that caters to customers who prioritize comfort, and who are short on time,” said Tiffany Young.

Now, Thin Hair Thick has a collective social media following of 100,000+, a sales history that’s surpassed the one million dollar benchmark, and features in renowned publications, such as Martha Stewart and Teen Vogue.

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