Ponyback Hats: The Ultimate, Unquestionable Summer Hair Hack

Ponyback Hats: the revolutionary new patent-pending hat that everyone’s talking about. The hats have a magnetic closure, designed to accommodate all hair types.

Launched in June 2020, Ponyback Hats have generated so much interest, that one of their TikTok videos went viral, generating 11M+ views.

Ponyback Hats = comfortable, flexible head-wear, that accommodates those with long hair, allowing wearers to embrace their own personal style. Also, for the busy gal, sporty gal, and/or fashionista, putting your hair up in a ponytail is no longer a hassle.

The brand was launched by Stacey Keller, a former high school teacher from Ontario, Canada. Stacey was a teacher for many years, before eventually deciding to quit her job in 2020, to focus on her side hustle, full time. Her story starts in her early 30’s with three young kids, on a sunny day: Stacey wanted some stylish protection against the sun.

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“My eldest, who was six at the time, pointed out that I was being a hypocrite by forcing them to wear hats outside, yet I was not. Good point, kid! But I couldn’t find anything that I wanted on the market. I was buying cute full-back hats for my kids, and I wanted something of similar quality. I also wanted the ability to wear my hair up at my usual high pony height, or at a high messy bun height,” recalled the hatpreneur.

To date, Ponyback Hats have sold over 21k units, and they’re available for delivery in a wide range of countries.

Find out more here: https://ponybackhats.com