Chinakwe: Stunning, Bespoke Afro Lux Art Pieces For The Home

Chinakwe (by artist Caroline Chinakwe) is an Afro Lux, art and lifestyle brand, that makes bespoke cushions, lampshades, vintage chairs, silk scarves, and more.

Caroline’s art portrays the complexities of black women and men. In her pieces, traditional and non-traditional head-wears and hairstyles are worn with a sassy confidence on a melanin heavy canvas adorned in jewelry, with makeup and accessories used to express identity, individuality, and cultural pride.

Her latest series, “Colourism,” was created during the 2020 lock-down, following the death of George Floyd.

The series explores the ugly bias surrounding the preference for lighter-toned women in the black community, as perpetuated by the global beauty industry.

Caroline’s passion and love for her background/culture is very evident in her work, and she addresses diversity, inclusivity, the fight for acceptance, and the love for ALL cultures and races, throughout her pieces. In 2017, Caroline noticed the lack of diversity and positive representation of black models and designers in fashion media.

So, she began to create mixed-media collages of black models, portraying the types of images she felt were a true representation of black people, their culture, and style. Her debut series, “This is Me” is a reflection of her career transition into art, using her background in fashion and styling as a focal point of inspiration.

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Caroline is a London-based, Nigerian-born, self-taught, mixed-media artist.

She’s a London College of Fashion alumni, with over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry in various capacities, including production, design, and styling for brands, such as Nicole Farhi, Karen Millen, and the African luxury boutique, Polo Avenue in Lagos, Nigeria.

I create art that will challenge the mainstream, igniting an understanding and appreciation for black culture, style, and beauty, as equal to the western ideology of beauty and bringing awareness to social justice,” said Caroline Chinakwe.

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