Gut Health Galore: The Coconut Collab Launches In Sainsbury’s

Last month (in May), The Coconut Collab launched into Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. The Coconut Collab is a plant-based yoghurt range that supports gut health.

The yoghurts are 100% plant based. They’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and soya free, and they’re packed with billions of live cultures, calcium, and vitamins D, B6, B12 and fibre (which contributes towards a healthy digestive and immune system).

Fermented in the traditional way, without compromising on quality or taste, each pot boasts multiple strains of live gut-loving cultures, resulting in a luxurious thick and creamy texture.

Research shows that over 90% of serotonin receptors are found in our stomachs, meaning that a healthy tummy can help to stimulate a release of happy hormones. So with this in mind, The Coconut Collab set out to create a range to aid gut health, and in turn, support happier minds.

As part of the brand’s ‘Together Under One Tree’ initiative, The Coconut Collab works with the Pur Project to support and regenerate the fragile ecosystems they rely on for their delicious, natural ingredients.

Since 2015, The Coconut Collab has planted over 20,000 trees, spanning fourteen different mangrove and tree species, in order to promote the restoration and regeneration of coastal communities in Bali.

The Coconut Collab was founded by James Averdieck (who was previously the Founder and Ex-CEO of Gü) in 2014.

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It sounds cliché, but I was on holiday, sat underneath a coconut palm when I thought of the idea. I wanted to prove that dairy-free doesn’t mean a compromise on taste, and honestly, what better way to prove that than through the mighty coconut,” said James.

We want to break-through any misconceptions, and showcase that plant-based can be delicious, good for you, and good for the planet simultaneously,” added James.

As an already established entrepreneur in the desserts industry, James was excited to dive into the new realms of dairy free yogurts and desserts, a category that was growing, given the rise of plant-based diets and conscious consumerism.

And following their best-ever Veganuary to date, The Coconut Collab were the biggest absolute value growth contributor to the category in the year to 20th Feb 2022, growing at +17.9%, – well ahead of the category in Total Dairy Free Adult Yogurts & Desserts.

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