Meet The Two ‘Brow Obsessives’ Behind Saint And Serenity.

“Brow care done good.” By combining their fifteen+ years of salon and educator experience, Poppy and Danielle’s Saint & Serenity brand and product line was born.

It was their love for all things ‘brow,’ that saw Poppy Ellis and Danielle Stott strike up a friendship. But it was their expertise, that led to the light-bulb moment behind Saint & Serenity: eyebrow aftercare at home.

We felt that aftercare should be as much a part of the service, as what happened in the salon itself. We were learning as we went along, whilst the industry scrambled to create a product that was fit for purpose. The experience and the knowledge we had between us, allowed us to move quickly and effectively,” said Poppy Ellis.

Unfortunately, Danielle and Poppy’s research into product development coincided with the global pandemic, where the professional side of the beauty industry took a massive hit.

But that didn’t stop the two friends.

In June 2021, their vegan-crafted brow-care products finally launched, and they began to roll out their luxury offering(s) to salons and stockists worldwide.

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Some brow lamination training suggests that six weeks is a sufficient amount of time between treatments. We needed to create a luxurious product that clients could use at home, in-between salon services, to make the health, hydration, and integrity of their hair a priority,” said Poppy.

Since launching, Saint And Serenity has generated 100’s of positive reviews. They’ve gained 5000+ Instagram followers, they’ve received support from brands such as Navy Pro, and they’ve collaborated with Bella Beauty in Australia.

In future, Saint & Serenity will expand their product range, and they’ll launch some educational courses, too.

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