Eco Friendly Cycling Fashion Brand, Staark, Is Now A B-Corp.

Staark, the eco friendly cycling fashion brand, is now a B-Corp. The brand was launched by Alasdair Scott in 2018 to flip the cycle-fashion sector on it’s head.

“From day one, the team have worked incredibly hard to ensure that we’re an ethical business that’s focused on a 100% vetted supply chain, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled materials, and a selection of European-based family businesses as partners, with the aim of getting more people out of cars, and onto bikes, instead,” said Staark’s Founder, Alasdair Scott.

As well as this, Staark has partnered with Stripe, to donate 1% of it’s company turnover to carbon sequestration activities, via Stripe Climate. Their clothing range is 100% eco-friendly, with responsibly-manufactured garments (which are designed to be inclusive of everyone) that bring style and tech credentials into the mix. Also, the brand recently launched their 2022 custom Club Kit range, which provides cycling clubs with graphically-customised team kits.

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Staark’s Founder Alasdair Scott comes from a brand development/content design background. He’s worked on major real-world and digital initiatives for clients, such as Boeing, Apple, Virgin, Amex, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays, BMW, Intel, Pepsi, Sky, British Telecoms, Unilever, IBM, Amazon, and more.

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