Harness The Power Of Mushrooms, With A Dirtea Super Blend.

Dirtea: the purest, most potent mushroom-based blends and powders on the market. Improve immunity, enhance focus, boost brain power, and progress performance.

Dirtea incorporates some of the world’s most scientifically-researched functional mushrooms, including Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi, as well as adaptogens and ayurvedic herbs, – for a wide range of benefits in an instant.

The Dirtea range includes: a Mushroom Coffee Super Blend (for focus, energy, and immunity), the Mushroom Cacao Super Blend (for calm, stress, and immunity), the Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder (for focus, memory, and digestion), the Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (for energy, performance, and endurance), the Reishi Mushroom Powder (for calm, stress, and immunity), and the Chaga Mushroom Powder (for defence, skin, and energy).

Organic, environmentally-friendly, natural, and 100% vegan, Dirtea’s products are best brewed with hot water, for delicious daily drinks, which can be enjoyed any time to improve your health, and to enhance your well-being.

Dirtea’s Founders, Andrew and Simon Salter are two brothers on a mission. After using mushrooms to improve their health, and to complement a busy and active lifestyle, the duo designed the Dirtea range for rapid results.

Their non-stop work had led to chronic burnout, and so Dirtea was conceived in 2020, thanks to their desire to naturally combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue, to boost creativity, and to increase well-being and connectivity.

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Such hectic working lives led to a total burnout almost six years ago for the both of us. Our physical and mental health started to suffer, and new chronic symptoms such as a lack of sleep, anxiety, brain fog, and panic attacks were presenting themselves more regularly,” said Andrew.

After seeing a doctor, and after being presented with no real cure, we decided to search for something that tackled the root of the issues we were facing. By chance, we were introduced to a tea master in London, and she presented us with the concept of mushroom teas,” continued Andrew.

Now, they’re spilling the tea on the many healing benefits of these potent mushrooms, with the likes of David Gandy, Naomie Harris, Benedict Cumberbatch, Davinia Taylor, Idris Elba becoming fans of the brand. Simon and Andrew Salter are serial entrepreneurs, and they’re also the Founders of a culture and innovation studio, named Limelyte. The pair’s hard work was recognized in 2020, when they made the ’30 Under 30′ Forbes list.

Find out more here: https://www.dirteaworld.com