invisibobble: The Incredible Story Of A Warwick Uni Graduate

A former Warwick University student named Sophie Trelles-Tvede – is celebrating a decade of success since creating invisibobble, and the trace-less hair ring.

Sophie first created her (now hugely popular) hair ring when she was 18, at University. The idea came about after she used an old telephone cord to tie her hair up for a fancy dress party. Despite having a hangover the following morning, Sophie noticed that she didn’t have a headache, or a dent in her hair from the hair-tie alternative, so she called her then-boyfriend-now-business-partner, Felix Haffa, to share the discovery.

The duo began to work on a self-funded prototype for a spiral hair bobble. Whilst it took several attempts (including asking a man who produced telephone cords to strip out the wire, and solder it into a round shape), they eventually created the invisibobble.

Having suffered with uncomfortable hair solutions in the past, my ambition when I first started the invisibobble brand, was to create something that provides happy, healthy hair to everyone,” said Sophie.

Since creating the original hair tie, invisibobble has expanded their range to include new hair band and clip designs, with hair-friendly technology. Their best-selling spiral hair tie is made from plastic, but it’s made from just polyurethane, so it’s fully-recyclable.

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So… what’s next? “We’re focusing on different occasions with our collections this year, so that our customers will always have the perfect invisibobble product to suit their lifestyle, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing,” said Sophie.

Now, invisibobble is sold in more than 100,000 locations, including Walgreens, Boots, and Sephora. The company’s turnover is over £25million globally, and Sophie was mentioned in the Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list.

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