Allow Your Child To Cycle Safely With A Kidvelo Balance Bike

Kidvelo Bikes provide a safe and easy way for children to ride their bike(s) without a stabiliser, thanks to the brand’s especially-designed balance bikes.

The bikes cater for children from 18 months old, to eight years old.

The brand’s Founders, Karen and Gary Wood, were early adopters of balance bikes for their own children back in 2009. They went on to start their own cycling business, before moving into balance bikes instead, with Kidvelo.

The years of listening to parents track-side, whilst observing how riders handled their bikes, gave us a very clear idea of what we wanted to improve on in balance bike design,” said Karen and Gary.

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So, we decided to take the next step, by manufacturing well-designed lightweight kids’ bikes, whilst keeping them at an affordable price, to encourage more children to turn to cycling,” they added.

Kidvelo’s first bike launch, was The Rookie 12 Balance Bike, which was met with great reviews by industry peers and customers. Next up, are Kidvelo’s game-changing convertible balance bikes, which are due to launch soon...

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