Barbe De Rue: Male Grooming Products (For The Modern Man).

Launched this year (in 2022) by Dr Fania Bajot, Barbe De Rue is a men’s grooming start-up, that makes sophisticated male grooming products for the modern man.

Barbe De Rue’s Founder, Dr Fania Bajot – has a scientific expertise at the interface of chemistry and biochemistry. In the past, she’s worked for major UK research groups.

Dr Fania Bajot also runs another beauty brand, called Ô SABLÉ (which fulfills her childhood dream of promoting the tropical luxury that naturally emanates from the bio-resources and the beauty of her island, Guadeloupe), but she wanted to create a new range of every day products for modern men, which is how and why Barbe De Rue was born.

The fundamental idea behind Barbe de Rue, was to aggregate natural and efficient ingredients with sustainability, in order to create effortless, functional male grooming products. So that’s what she did.

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“I’ve always wanted to use my scientific expertise to formulate premium beauty products based on the tropical resources of my island, Guadeloupe. Through this entrepreneurial journey, I developed a passion for creating new products from concept to reality, hence, the creation of my additional brand, Barbe De Rue,” said Dr Fania Bajot.

Since launching, Barbe De Rue has secured two retailers, AND they’ve been featured in GQ magazine.

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