BOXD: The Protein Shake For Nutritionally Deficient Women.

Founded in 2021, BOX​​D is a multi-nutrient protein shake for women, with sixteen added vitamins and minerals (to mitigate common nutritional deficiencies).

The brand was set up by Jamal Ayton-Brown and Jamal Ramsay.

Whilst working as a Health Advisor for BUPA, Jamal began to notice a common theme amongst the women he was helping during his five year tenure: tiredness and lethargy. So he decided to investigate further….

The result? Shockingly, a large percentage of women were nutritionally deficient in Iron, B12, and Vitamin D (the vitamins required to have a naturally energetic day). And that’s how BOXD was born.

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Since launching last year, BOXD has achieved a +30% recurring customer rate. The brand has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Metro, in Hip & Healthy, in Bustle, and more (not to mention a little shout-out by Richard Branson).

As a business that serves an under-served community that’s not my own, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of allyship these last couple of years. Our vision for BOXD is to bring honesty to nutrition, whilst helping to change an aesthetic-focused industry that fuels diet culture,” said Jamal Ayton-Brown.

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