Equestrians Can’t Get Enough of Sophie Mercer’s ‘Eqcouture.’

Set up by the equestrian, businesswoman and designer, Sophie Mercer, Eqcouture has a distinctive designer sports-luxe edge that equestrians can’t get enough of.

Prior to launching Eqcouture, Sophie Mercer used to work in her father’s stationery and furniture company, which proved to be fruitful for her future career in many ways. “I was the manager there, and I did almost everything! I taught myself a lot during my time there, from website building to Photoshop, to accountancy, to email marketing,” said Sophie.

However, Sophie never forgot about her passion for horses. “I’ve always been interested in horses, and I owned ponies as a child. I’ve always been very business-focused, even as a teenager. At sixteen, I bought, produced, and sold a pony, which gave me a taste for entrepreneurship,” she said.

Whilst working in her father’s business, Sophie would buy horses from Ireland, produce them, and sell them on. She finally took a leap of faith, by starting her own brand, Eqcouture in July 2019, with the business taking off amidst the pandemic, thanks to online shopping. Sophie’s business has grown from selling 200 pairs of riding tights, to a 900% increase in sales. The company has clocked up a 50%+ return-rate on customers, and a loyal fanbase.

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I love mainstream designer sportswear brands, and my husband heads up a global street-wear brand that sells through major retailers, so translating that sports luxe ethos into riding wear just comes naturally to me, because as a rider myself, I know what riders like and desire from their clothing,” concluded Sophie.

Find out more here: https://www.eqcouture.co.uk