Savile Row Company: Hand-Tailored, And Ready-To-Wear Suits.

Mayfair’s Savile Row Company sells hand-tailored suits. They’ve just opened the doors to a brand new showroom with tailoring services and a ready-to-wear range.

Savile Row has been selling hand-tailored suits for eight+ decades, and they’re doing better now, than ever.

The brand saw an incredible 60% rise in suit sales this past year: the end of the COVID-19 restrictions saw Brits return to the office in formal clothing, not to mention the huge backlog in weddings, and of course, Ascot.

Savile Row has just opened it’s doors to a new, purpose-built showroom – that houses its tailoring service(s), and it’s ready-to-wear range. Now, for the first time ever, customers can try on pieces from Savile Row’s online range.

We had to make some sensible decisions and put ourselves in a place to ensure growth. Selling online-only like we did during the pandemic lock-downs can make it hard to really appreciate fabrics and build relationships. It’s great to be able to put our products in our customers’ hands before they make a purchase,” said Jeffrey Doltis, Savile Row’s Managing Director, and the son of Savile Row’s Founder, Gerry Doltis.

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Savile Row was Founded by the patriarch and the master tailor, Gerry Doltis, who made suits for many of the leading entertainment and establishment figures. Unfortunately, after Gerry was called out to National Service in 1939, the business was unable to flourish, and his London factory was destroyed during WWII.

Returning from the war, Gerry restarted the company, and he moved into larger premises, where he made clothing for some of the leading department stores across the UK. In 1998, the brand opened their flagship bespoke store at 40 Savile Row, and in 2001, the Savile Row website launched. Today, the brand is run by Gerry’s sun, Jeffrey, and Jeffrey’s daughter Lee-Anne, with customers ordering their bespoke pieces from over 120 countries.

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