Check This: Zephorium’s Crystal-Infused Aromatherapy Range.

Zephorium: a UK-made crystal-infused aromatherapy brand that makes skincare, bath, and fragrance collections, based on energy attractions and positive thinking.

Zephorium’s Founder, a therapist and an energy healer named Sarah Cox – launched Zephorium in 2012, from a passion to foster, and to instigate inner change in people.

Her products are packed with a powerful combination of natural, organic ingredients, aromatherapy, and homeopathic crystals, with specific affirmations that match each of the eight fragrance pillars, aligned to the eight main chakras within the body.

There are various products across Zephorium’s three collections:

Facial serums, body oils, hand and body lotions, candles, wax melts, crystal gifting sets, Aura Sprays, Bath salts, and essential oil blends. The products are all lovingly hand-made in Hampshire.

The concept for Zephorium came to Sarah’s mind in the middle of the night in 2012. “I had an overwhelming feeling to write down instructions that were popping into my head. I did, and what transpired was the full package of Zephorium, from recipes to ingredients,” she said.

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“I’m an energy healer, and a counsellor specialising in addiction. I believe we all make choices that affect our lives, and the whole of humanity. The products provide an opportunity for profound change, to change our minds, and to re-programme the hardware in our brains to create happier lives, and a more balanced world,” she continued.

Sarah’s life hit the floor after her business collapsed in the early 90’s, and her partner at the time left her. She started to train as a counsellor, and she later trained to become an energy healer, and a medium.

She ran a busy clinic for fourteen years, and she opened a training school to train other energy practitioners. A decade later, Zephorium is an awarded, recognised name, with beauty awards, and several newspaper features.

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