The British Shirt Makers With A Twist: The Double TWO Story.

Double TWO has been around for 82 years. The business makes and sells shirts, casual-wear, trousers, and knitwear.

Double TWO’s Founder, Isaak, was originally from a Jewish farming family in the early 1900’s, from what is now Ukraine. During the First World War, he fled the invading Russians, ending up in Vienna, Austria.

Growing up, he worked with his brother in Austria, however in 1938, the Nazis occupied Austria, so he and his family were once again – forced to flee from persecution. But then, Isaak received a job offer in Britain: he arrived there with his family just one day before the Second World War began, but unfortunately, that job offer fell through…

However, with the support of the British Government, he set up a business in 1940, becoming a renowned shirt-maker with a twist. Collars were always the first thing to wear out on a shirt, so Isaak introduced a patented shirt, that was designed in a way where the collars could be easily removed, by pulling on a tab sewn into the collar attaching seam.

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Each shirt came supplied with a complimentary replacement collar, that could easily be sewn in place of the removed collar. Two collars = double the life = Double TWO shirts. Now, eight decades later, Double TWO has sold millions of shirts across the globe. 

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved here at Double TWO. With over 80 years of history, we’re still pioneering the way our founders did, and we’re continuing to provide high quality, good value shirts to our customers. It all comes down to a saying we have here at Double TWO: while styles change, the shirt remains,” concluded Nigel Moult, the current CEO of Double TWO.

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