Meet Richard And Sargon From The Recycled Candle Company.

Founded in 2016 by Richard Hills-Ingyon and Sargon Latchin, The Recycled Candle Company’s products are made by hand in Exter, with a choice of shape + fragrance.

Richard began making candles when he was just 8 years of old; one of many rainy-day activities that kept him occupied whilst his parents ran their busy East Devon country hotel.

Always unhappy about waste, and wanting to do his part for the environment, he became fascinated with the idea of using old candles to make new ones. Even whilst he was training in London to become an actor, his obsession with candles continued, and after perfecting the filtration process, he began to sell his candles at a local Sunday market.

In 2015, Richard met Sargon, who was an architect, and he saw the business potential of the idea, bringing design ideas to the brand, so the two of them teamed-up, and the business grew from there. The Recycled Candle Company’s candles are made by hand in their Exeter shop, with a choice of shape, including hearts and pillars, and fragrance. Each fragrance is bespoke, with Sargon’s ideas and inspirations brought to life, by a London based French perfumer. 

Their luxury recycled candles are now stocked in gift stores across the UK, as well as in their shop in Exeter’s Gandy Street, and their products have won accolades, including Gift of the Year, Best Small Shops, and the Exeter Living Awards, as well as a coveted Green Apple Award for Sustainable Development.

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Richard and Sargon love to support causes too, and 10% of the sales from their rainbow striped PRIDE candles goes towards LGBTQI+ charities, and in 2022, they’re championing Missing People, with a beautiful pillar candle – with a specially created scent called ‘Home Sweet Home,’ which raises both awareness, and funds.

Annually the business makes around 30,000 candles each year, stopping 40 tons of wax from going into landfill.Environmental issues and our commitment to sustainability permeate the whole business. We use material that is classified as waste, to create quality products, meaning that the waste material is used again. Our fragrances are sustainably and responsibly sourced. Even our candle wicks tick the sustainable box,” said Sargon.

We continually look at ways of making even more improvements, like using recycled paper for packaging and encouraging communities to set up candle collection points. Sustainability is second nature to us, and anything that doesn’t fit our ethos is too big a compromise,” said Richard.

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