Transform Your Skin Today, With A SKINCHOICE ‘Pimple Patch.’

SKINCHOICE‘s Pimple Patches are the perfect way to tackle breakouts discreetly and effectively by clearing the skin, and by eliminating spot-prone skin. Sorted.

Founded by Seye Akinnaike and Aaron Wint in 2020, the brand tackles a wide range of issues for multiple different skin types, including oily, sensitive, and dry. The patches are made to absorb impurities, and to protect pimples against bacteria, and wandering fingers.

Ultra thin and transparent, they can be worn at any time, without anyone noticing. Also, they’re vegan, they’re formulated with natural ingredients only, and they’re paraben, phthalate, colourant, and sulphate-free, too.

Oh. And one last thing…

They’re made with hydrocolloid (which is a sticky, gel-like, flexible material that works by absorbing fluid from the pimple, whilst keeping the skin around it moist), making them ideal for speeding up the pimple healing process.

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Seye (who previously worked in consulting and investment banking) and Aaron (who has a background in IT) launched the brand, because they wanted to make skin patches that were affordable and accessible for everyone. “SKINCHOICE was created to provide an affordable problem to skin solutions. It’s the new way to clear your skin.” said Seye and Aaron.

To date, the brand has clocked up an impressive 1000+ 5-star customers reviews.

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