Vibing With Style’s Beauty Range: Look Effortlessly Flawless

Founded three years ago by Desi Taylor, Vibing With Style provides a unique range of beauty, supplement and teeth whitening products, ensuring flawless results.

The range includes an eye repair cream, hair supplements, a peel off mask, ceramic capsules for the skin, and… a teeth whitening gel kit.

Desi Tayor was born and raised in Bulgaria, before moving to the US, where she met her British husband. She moved back with him to the UK a decade ago. After becoming a wife and a mother with a day job, she decided to launch her own business [in her own words] “on a whim.”

“I literally started the business on a whim. It took just over a month to launch my first product. I tend to overthink things, so this time, I decided to just jump in. Otherwise, I would’ve talked myself out of it,” she said.

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Prior to launching Vibing With Style, Desi was a Careers Adviser, with a degree in Careers Guidance and Journalism.

Since launching, her business has gone from strength to strength, gaining positive customer reviews, and winning an Amazon’s Choice badge.

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