Impact Coffee: The Cold Latte (With An Added Health Boost).

Impact Coffee is a brand new, oat-based, cold brew latte that’s infused with nootropics. It’s designed to provide a health boost, as well as a caffeine kick.

The product contains the following nootropics:

Ashwagandha (an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to increase energy levels, relieve stress, and improve concentration), Ginkgo Biloba (a herb known to boost memory, fight inflammation, and improve blood circulation), and Vitamin B-12, which boosts energy, and supports the formation of red blood cells.

Caffeine is a great energy boost, but the hot water from your cup of coffee will increase it’s acidity and bitterness, whilst also killing off the antioxidants in coffee beans. Cold brew is the perfect solution to that, keeping acidity low, retaining antioxidants, and… tasting better, meaning that you’ll keep the energy, without the troubles.

“I used to get the benefit of energy from caffeine in my coffee, and unwanted side effects, too, such as the resultant crash, shakes, anxiety, and stomach cramps. I once went two days with no sleep after drinking nine cups of coffee in a day. It was frightening. I vowed to find an alternative to traditional coffee and energy drinks,” said Yusuf Amanullah.

Impact Coffee was launched by a city worker named Yusuf Amanullah, a self confessed coffee addict, who came up with the idea of a healthy alternative, after his nine-cup-a-day-habit kept him awake at night.

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The 24-year-old Londoner embarked on a fascinating campaign, to find an alternative coffee drink using nootropics: herbs and substances, which can boost brain performance, cognitive processes, and memory.

He teamed up with food scientists and developers to create a drink that tastes great, AND that gives you functional energy, too: focused, long-lasting endurance that helps you get more done. In total, 15 nootropics, four different coffee blends, and 31 recipes were tried, in order to create Impact Coffee.

Now, the young entrepreneur is launching a £25,000 crowdfunding campaign, to fund the first batch of 10,000 250ml cold brew coffee cans of drinks for sale this summer.

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