Little Danube (The Soap Brand) Launches A Delicious New Range

Since launching in 2020, Little Danube has been listed as a TechRound Top 38 Sustainable Startup, and… they’ve launched a new range called ‘Circular Economy.’

For their latest launch, Little Danube has created some all-natural, vegan, eco-friendly soap bars with allegorical scents, that are both nostalgic and imaginative – transforming everyday shower routines into an experience you’ll never forget.

Each Little Danube soap features a primary ingredient that builds the framework of a unique soap story.

Notable ingredients include youth-preserving pink clay in the cleansing soap bar Kiliya, or anti-inflammatory Manjistha powder in Silistra. And, several of the new formulas contain repurposed ingredients, such as coffee grounds from a local coffee shop, for instance.

Rather than having these perfectly useful ingredients end up in the bin, Little Danube’s circular economy vision re-purposes these natural food scraps into ingredients that’ll benefit your skin, and your senses.

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The brainchild behind Little Danube is Katrina Borissova, a philosophy graduate who spent more than 10 years in the corporate sector studying accountancy, but she craved a more ‘creative outlet.’

Following this craving, she enrolled on a soap-making course that sparked her vision of a sustainable business committed to environmental ethics, hence launching Little Danube in 2020.

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