Plank Hardware: Contemporary Home Decor And Hardware For All

Tom and Annie launched Plank Hardware after renovating their home. They were unable to find attractive handles, knobs and related hardware at affordable prices.

Founded in 2019, the business specialises in attractive handles, knobs, hooks, rails, and much more (for those who are seeking to refurbish their house in style).

The products are available in a variety of designs and finishes (nickel, brass, stainless steel, industrial grey, and black colours/materials), including swirled, knurled, brushed, and smooth.

They’re mostly designed in Plank’s East London studio, by Tom and their design team.

Their most recent launch is the SWIRLED collection: the collection is inspired by the fluid, curvaceous lines seen in natural forms: rippling water, circular shells, and wavy tree bark.

“Tom and I set-up Plank as a consequence of our own experience when buying our first home. We were looking for quality hardware that was affordable, but we struggled to find anything that matched quality with a fair price,” said Annie.

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We could see that there was a gap in the market, so we created Plank! It’s incredible that in just three years, we’ve established a business that’s making a name for itself within the home and interiors sector. We’ve received brilliant feedback from our customers, as well as from industry peers and colleagues,” added Annie.

Tom grew up in Worcestershire.

He studied Architectural Engineering Design Management at University, and his entrepreneurial spirit surfaced whilst studying: he set up a business selling fudge to fellow students. From there, he moved into e-commerce consultancy for three years, until founding Plank Hardware with Annie. Now, he leads Plank’s design and brand marketing teams.

Annie is from West Yorkshire. She trained as an accountant, before moving into the e-commerce furniture business Swoon Editions as their Head of Finance. From there, she became Plank’s CEO, handling business finances and operations, logistics, and supply chain management.

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