Neat Has Launched A Brand New Sustainable Foaming Hand Wash.

Neat launches a sustainable foaming hand wash WITHOUT palm oil or sodium lauryl sulphate (a skin irritant frequently found in beauty, body, and hair care items).

The wash is formulated with coconut and aloe vera extract, to nurture skin softness. The product is a revolutionary step-change for the category, and it’s the first sustainable hand wash of its kind. It’s available in two luxurious scents designed for the modern home: Green Tea & Bergamot, and Sweet Rose Water.

“It’s about offering something that people are going to feel good about when they use it. A luxurious daily ritual that they know is making a difference. Clean hands. Clean Planet,” said Neat’s Co-Founder Ryan McSorley.

Founded in 2020, Neat came about because Ryan and Josie became frustrated by the lack of solutions to the single use plastic crisis, so they created Neat, a cleaning product that performs brilliantly, and cuts down on waste.

Neat’s refillable system eliminates single use plastic, thanks to concentrated refills that are made from biodegradable materials, and plant based ingredients that remove the unnecessary water.

The products are cruelty-free, and they’re made in the UK (for lower carbon emissions). Also, Neat’s sustainability and quality practices won them a “Household Goods Brand of the Year” award, at the Grocer Gold Awards in London.

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Josie and Ryan first met while working at Method/Ecover. Using their combined experience in business strategy and product design, they took on the big problem of single use plastic and water waste in home-care products.

Ryan is an award-winning industrial designer who has worked globally for brands such as Starbucks, and Josie is a passionate business leader with fifteen years of consumer goods’ experience, in both large multinationals and SMEs, ranging from Ella’s Kitchen to Pepsi Co.

Neat’s products can be found in Tesco, Booths, Selfridges, Ocado, and Lakeland.

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