Lixir Drinks: The Award-Winning, Premium Tonic + Mixer Brand

Long time friends, bar experts, and drink enthusiasts, Matt Mahatme and Jordan Palmer launched Lixir Drinks in 2018, after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Their experience of working in bars was a key influence in their decision to create an energetic and vibrant brand, and to ‘bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to the mixer category.’ The duo spent a year developing the perfect balance, with a focus on natural ingredients: they were committed to providing a healthier mixer to the range, and now, Lixir Drinks has nine mixers, including five tonic waters.

The products are stocked in bars and restaurants across the UK, including Boxpark (Lixir Drinks is Boxpark’s house mixer), and they’re exported to 18 different markets. The brand has also been certified as a carbon-neutral business by Planet Mark.

This spring, the company announced a £1.1million investment from new investors, including one of Pure Gym’s Founders, Peter Roberts, following a tremendous period of growth (they reported a 160% growth last year).

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“Like most good stories, the idea for Lixir Drinks was born on a night out. Whilst working together in a bar in Newcastle (where we both studied at university), we noticed the popularity of flavoured spirits, as well as health-conscious drinkers. As two young students watching our pennies, we had a light-bulb moment that it would make more sense to have a range of flavoured mixers, rather than a shelf full of flavoured spirits,” said Lixir Drinks’ Founders, Matt and Jordan.

Furthermore, there seemed to be something missing. There wasn’t a mixer brand that combined big flavour with less sugar, fewer calories, and nothing artificial. Once we had the idea, we HAD to make it a reality,” concluded Matt and Jordan.

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